Helen Danzey Sports and SCENAR Therapist

Welcome to my website I hope that after you have read my site I will have the pleasure of helping you recover from any injury, pain or illness.

My treatment philosophy is: “listen to your body? The early recognition of injuries and stress related illnesses when treated hands-on with a treatment program tailored for the individual will result in a speedy recovery.

My Practice is based in Essex and offers a very individual and personalized service in the following treatments:

SCENAR Therapy a Revolutionary Therapy; SCENAR is one of the most effective, non-invasive, pain-relieving therapies available. It works by stimulating the body into self-regulating the cause of the pain thereby... (more)

Sports & Remedial; Sports Massage is a specialised form of massage therapy which is primarily focused on injury prevention. It can also be used to accelerate healing, enabling... (more)

Pilates; is a slow and gentle mat-based exercise that works the body from the inside out. It allows you to realign or.. (more)


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