The Health Benefits from Rock Salt Lamps:

Most people are aware of the health benefits of negative ions and know that they are essential for our health and well being.  The fresh invigorating air after a thunderstorm,  the seaside or high on a mountain top is caused by the high concentration of negative ions in the air. The feelings of lethargy that most of us feel in highly polluted areas, air conditioned offices etc., are usually caused by a high proportion of positive ions. Our well being and our efficiency are highly dependent on the quality of the air we breathe. Salt Crystal Lamps improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions.

The most common benefits are reductions in rheumatism, allergies, respiratory ailments, sleeplessness, migraine, high blood pressure, physical and psychological disorders, mild depression etc. In addition to the proven benefits of negative ionisation many people also experience a reduction in stress due to the gentle soothing colours.

Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt:
Himalayan bath salts, contains 84 essential minerals, more than any other bath salt, including magnesium, potassium, bromide and calcium which are readily absorbed into the skin during a 15-30 minute bath.

Himalayan bath salt is known to alleviate severe cases of dry skin disorders. Taking a Himalayan salt bath can stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increase moisture retention, promote cellular regeneration, relieve the common cold, respiratory illnesses, headaches, migraines, detoxify the skin and help heal dry, scaling, irritated skin and psoriasis.

Bathing in salt water is also known to reduce inflammation of the muscles and joints, relax muscles, relieve pain and soreness and  regulate sleep.

When you use pure Himalayan Crystal Salt, you receive 250,000,000 years of accumulated sunlight and energy, plus all the natural minerals your body needs for restoring balance and life force.

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