SCENAR Therapy

The SCENAR device was developed in the late 1970’s as

part of a secret Soviet space program to create a device

that could maintain the health of the astronauts. The

original device was invented by A. Revenko and A.

Karasjev and became more widely available after the

breakdown of the USSR and has since been gaining

increasing acceptance and application throughout the world.

SCENAR is one of the most effective, non-invasive,

pain-relieving therapies available. It works by stimulating the

body into self-regulating the cause of the pain thereby not

only getting rid of the pain but often healing the complaint


How does it work and why is it different to other energy therapies?

SCENAR standing for self-controlled energo-neuro-adaptive regulator aims to preserve and promote homeostasis of the human organism.

Illnesses and disease develop as a direct result of the bodies?adaptation to external environmental influences. SCENAR treats the route of the problem not just the symptom.

When SCENAR is applied to the skin it starts the initiation of the body’s self-healing process by connecting into the C-fibres which make up about 85% of the nerves in the body. It’s these fibres which relay the information to the brain stimulating the production of regulatory peptides and endorphins, sometimes described as the body’s in-built pharmacy helping to regulate pain and treat the whole body.

SCENAR differs from treatments such as TENs as it combines energy measuring functions along with feedback and constant adjustment. The TENS machine admits one and the same signal providing temporary pain relief but does not treat the route of the problem. The SCENAR impulse differs each second which does not allow the body to adapt to it, therefore the correct amount of energy is given to the body giving a long lasting effect.

What can it treat?

SCENAR treats a wide range of conditions the most obvious one being pain relief.  Benefits have also been seen with stress, anxiety, depression, allergies, sleep problems, cardio vascular, respiratory, urinary, immune, endocrine and reproductive systems.  In Russia SCENAR is used to treat any type of pain or illness.  For further information on what SCENAR has helped please see published papers by clicking here.

SCENAR is safe to use on adults and children and once a recommended course is completed further treatment for that injury/illness is often not required.

SCENAR is not recommended for people with cardiac pacemakers or epilepsy.

SCENAR is a new and little known therapy in the UK but is growing rapidly. For further information about this exciting therapy please contact me.

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